2015 - Конкурс "WARMING HUTS v.2016"(2)


Вариант 2 






The famous fountain "The commonwealth of Nations" in Moscow was taken as a prototype for the concept of temporary pavilion (warming hut).



The outer shell of the pavilion follows the contours of "frozen" streams of the fountain. However, despite its exterior coldness, people are greeted by warmth, calm and hot beverages inside the pavilion. The pavilion's exterior is merging with the winter landscape. A warm wooden interior space is comfortable and relaxing. The main structure of the pavilion is made from wooden beams and wooden siding. The pavilion has a vent hole in roof for discharging condensate effect. The outer shell is made from prefabricated ice "petals". Those elements of ice are reinforced by polymer wire mesh. At night time a decorative lighting is provided. 


 The pavilion has a dual function: 

1. shelter (place for relax and having a snack) 

2. art object 





Warming Huts + Art Installation





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